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Elevate Analytics Experience of your Data Products

AXD is your Design Strategy & Design as a Service(DaaS) partner for all your Design needs encompassing your Data Analytics Products or XaaS platforms. 

Design for Data Analytics?

Organizations are witnessing an unpresented increase in Cognitive Load to make decisions based on exponential amount of Data. In last 2 decades Data Analytics, AI/ML , Automation and Data Literacy have significantly improved organizations ability to be Data Driven.

We all are at a pivotal moment where to stay ahead we have to ensure we are in zone of Optimal Cognitive Load + Optimal Decision Performance, when using data products.

Design Workshops

Identify your audience’s needs and map them to new features in your product or services.

Discover Possibilities

Not sure where to start? need help to pick your tech and/or toolkits ? We can help you identify your needs and solutions.

Design Strategy & DaaS

Leverage your existing product & market knowledge and shape it with our design expertise to create bespoke solutions.

E2E Data Product Development

Deploy ready - plug and play HTML, that you can test add necessary API’s and bring to market faster than ever before.

Ensure end user Clarity
Accelerate New Data Products Development

Your products usage-cognitive load(CL) is inversely proportional to users ability to make complex decisions with ease. Good design can help reduce unnecessary cognitive load. 


Analysis-Paralysis is another phrase used to try to describe CL of a data product . In fact, recent reports indicate that 98.6 percent of executives indicate that their organization aspires to a data-driven culture, while only 32.4 percent report having success where only 10% state that they are able to manage their cognitive load. 

In pursuit to be data-driven, many enterprises are developing three core capabilities: data proficiency, analytics agility, and community. Transforming how your company makes decisions is no easy task, but incorporating Analytics eXperience Design is how you will see the most transformative impact on your organization's last mile of decision making process.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We help you to envision your future products and shape them with our design. 

Bring clarity and reduce time to market for you Data Products. 

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