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Our Mission

We are dedicated to make consuming and acting on Analytics as easy as possible.

We are user-obsessed-analytics+design-nerds who hate unnecessary cognitive load.

We are an independent, 100% remote, offering coverage in 12 time zones, to meet your global organization needs.

We are registered in Chicago.

Our Story

Business have evolved and competed heavily on  Data Analytics in last 2 decades. There have been tremendous improvements in tech capabilities, data management, cloud platforms, these have then made NLP, Computer Vision and other AI /ML algorithms available to all industries.


However the intrinsic complexity of these Data Products have exponentially increased. It is now at a point where its causing unnecessary cognitive load for end users/consumers.


Having witness to first hand enterprise-wide decline in usage and adoption of new data products, forced us to look for better methods of NPD in Data Analytics space. A group of us started experimenting using a design-first approach to build solutions, we started realizing benefits. Among the biggest were - user delight, intent clarity for build teams and overall agility in way teams operate. We saw change in users mindset on Data products from "perceived tedious" to "intrigued discovery".

We are now dedicated to help organizations like yours realize these benefits not by teaching design theory but by doing it together with you.

We are addicted to 3rd wave coffee, Bonobo music and creating design-first inspirations within a growing community.

We are a small team of 15 designers who come from different industry verticals. Average design work experience is 18+ years. 

We can help design a future that you and your audience love.

We bring Clarity for your internal and external stakeholders.

We free up your Data Science and Engineering teams.

We can reduce your Dev costs and time to market.

We Design for intent.

Experienced Leadership

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